Towing Service Centreville VALook, if you have a damaged or wrecked vehicle in your garage, on your land, or in your possession, then it is about time that you called the team at Centreville Tow Truck. The vehicles that are sitting in your possession are not only losing value; they also could be incurring expensive repairs as they sit. We do not care about the make, condition or even age of the vehicle for our team. With the Centreville Tow Truck junk removal program, you will be paid top-dollar for your beater, and the best part, you can finally get rid of that car, crossover, minivan, truck, or SUV!

As one of the only cash for junk car options in Centreville, VA, we cannot wait to help you and your car out in these trying times. Unlike the other guys, we provide you with our quote and give you cash in hand on the pickup day. For the team at Centreville Tow Truck, we know that you are looking for the best deal, and our commitment to paying top dollar for junkers is one of our founding principles. Let us see how Centreville Tow Truck can help you out and trade that junker in for cold hard cash if you have a clunker.

If you are interested in getting cash for your junker, our team makes things easy. Here are the typical steps.

Centreville Towing flat bed– Give our team a call, and one of the dispatchers at Centreville Tow Truck will walk you through the process. We will need some necessary information, including make, model, year, VIN, miles on the car, and the vehicle’s rough condition. Depending on that information, our team will provide you with a quote of what the car is worth.

-If you want to go forward, our team will arrange a pickup time and dispatch one of our flatbed tow trucks to your site. Naturally, it is easier if the vehicle is in the driveway, but our expert drivers can recover your vehicle in your yard, garage, or anywhere else. Once the vehicle is given a once-over, our driver will provide you with the cash on-site, and that is it. We like to make things easy, and no matter if you are junking a wrecked vehicle or a broken-down one, our team is here for you!

If you are looking to finally get rid of that broken down or wrecked vehicle on your property that it is about time that you called the real experts in all things junkers at Centreville Tow Truck. We will provide you top dollar for your junk car, and no matter if it is a wreck or still in working order, our team can take it away and recycle it properly. There are no more fuel spills, no more random liquids on your driveway, just peace of mind and cash in your pocket. Give us a call and see how Centreville Tow Truck can help you get your space back from that junker doing nothing but cost you money!

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