Chantilly Tow TruckWhen you need to transport your vehicle from point A to B, plenty of options are available—driving is the most common, as it seems cheap and easy but disadvantaged by wear and tear.

Luckily, in this article, we explore different ways on how to find the cheapest way to tow a car for long-distance. Therefore, in the end, you will be able to make an informed decision.

To begin, there are three basic options of towing a car, namely;

  • By use of a tow dolly
  • By use of a trailer
  • By use of auto transporters

By use of a tow dolly

A tow dolly is a two-wheeled semi-trailer that only lifts your vehicle’s front wheels. To use this option depends on the design of your car, that is;

  1. Clearance 

 With tow a dolly, your car is usually long in the front and low to the ground; hence, some parts can drag on the floor. 

  1. Maneuverability.

 It is challenging to maneuver with a tow dolly compared to regular trailers, where all four wheels are on the ground. It is nearly impossible to back up a tow dolly, especially when you want to drop your vehicle at its final destination.

  1.  Wear and tear.

 While hooked up, rear wheels are left dragging on the ground, which causes more wear and tear. Therefore, the drive will require extra security to maintain the car on the dolly.    

 Pro to a tow dolly.

  • It is cheaper as compared to other towing means.
  • It is secure as you can stay in your car all the time. 

 Cons to tow dolly.

  • It is limited to the weight of vehicles, cars not more than 4000 pounds. 
  • It increases wear and tear as the rear wheels stay on the ground. 
  • It is time-consuming to set up.
  • Its safety is limited to distances.

 By use of a trailer

 Trailers are somehow more expensive than a tow dolly. With a trailer, the entire car is loaded onto the trailer, then piggybacked to its destination. The trailer is also much easier to haul; however, it needs the practice to pull anything behind. 

 Pro to trailerFlat Bed Centreville VA

  • It offers straightforward and safe door-to-door services.
  • As the car is fully loaded, no wear and tear. 

Cons to trailers

  • It requires skills and practice.

 Auto transporters

 In auto transport, cars are collected and loaded into a transport trailer. The mean is safe and reduces wear and tear as no wheel of the vehicle touches the ground. To use auto transporter depends on;

  • vehicle compatibility: In auto transport, there are no restrictions on size, weight, and even shape.
  • Ease setup: The car needs to be loaded at the pick-up point and unloaded at the destination with minimal effort.
  • Cost: Auto transports are a little cheaper as they can carry several cars at a time hence cost-sharing. 
  • Speed issues: Auto transport is a bit faster than dolly. They do not need time to time to check on the doll. They can also move more quickly than a tow dolly, though there are restrictions to speed. 

 Pro to autotransporter

  • They are faster hence saving time
  • They are effortless and stress-free to set up
  • There is no additional risk of wear and tear
  • Distance is not a problem
  • It can ship multiple vehicles at once

Cons to auto transporters

  • It requires skills and experience to operate auto transporters
  • Not all areas are accessible to auto transporters

In conclusion, auto transports are the least expensive over a long distance, followed by trailers of all towing ways. A tow dolly is least favorable with its high total operational cost.  

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