Tow Truck Centreville VAMost probably, you have witnessed towing vehicles pull other cars on the road. Hardly do some of us be keen on the scene; we tightly clutch the wheel shortly and embark our concentration on the road ahead of us once they pass. It is mundane that the thought of the towing vehicles separating raises our attention to be alert.

We question ourselves a lot concerning the safety of the two rolling metals down the road. Did the person responsible for the connections make it all good? Can you tell in case of the towing vehicles before you break? Are they driving safely?

The safety measures for towing are significant in easing your mind and ensuring other road users’ safety. It is crucial to keep in mind the laws for towing;

How to Maneuver

It is essential to give enough room to other automobiles, like motorcycles, especially when driving trailers or long vehicles. The length and weight that is extra influence the maneuvering, acceleration, and braking.

Mind your Weight

Often, the specification sheet or vehicle handbook contains the limits of towing. Or, the information on the weight listing of the gross weight is on the manufacturer’s plate.

Length and Weight

The recommended width that cuts across for towing motors is 2.55 meters with a 7 meters maximum length of about 3,500 kg. 

License limits

You are required to tow for what your license permits you to bear. Do not exceed.

Safety Measures

The equipment you implore in the towing has to meet given standards of safety.


You need to have enough view of the road behind. Unique towing mirrors are needed supposing your trailer is wider compared to the towing vehicle.


Caravans weighing over seven hundred and fifty kilograms need to have proper working brake systems. The same goes for smaller trailers to some extent.

Towing Stabilizer for the Tow Bar

A safer combination to handle requires fitting an appropriate stabilizer. It is essential to additional safety in crosswinds during the overtaking of large, heavy vehicles on the highway.

Dollies and A-Frames

Usually, both count as trailers when connecting a dolly or an A-frame to tow a broken-down vehicle. Thus demand safety measures should be undertaken.

American Trailer or Caravan

The caravans and trailers often do not meet the European safety measures. Ensure to confirm the legality of using an American trailer in Europe or the UK.

Security Checks

It is vital to keep confirming the trailer for the following before commencing the journey:

  • The appropriate nose weight is used in the loading on the tow bar.
  • The braking system is in good working condition.
  • There is the proper attachment of the breakaway cable with the caravan.
  • The indicators and lights’ connection is fully functional.
  • There is just enough tire pressure (as stipulated on the tire.)
  • The lights on the roof and windows are shut.

Other safety regulations include:

  • The load should not hazardously stick out, endangering people’s lives around the vehicle.
  • Evenly disseminate the weight on your trailer using heavy metals on the axle not exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations. It helps in easing speed and maintaining control.
  • Adjust the headlights when carrying loads.
  • When driving for more than sixteen kilometers, break and check the connections and tighten any loose ends.

Keep in mind not to permit persons traveling in the trailer or caravan.

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